A pledge for a better Europe

The Pledge builds on more than three years of extensive work and knowledge, done through the SISCODE project. The co-creation pledge has the potential to change the world of Responsible Research and Innovation, Science Technology, and Innovation Policies.

Where we go from here is up to us.

Below you can read the full pledge, including statements from people, testifying how they will convert the good intentions into actual actions in their practice.

Tomorrow I will let go of decision-making power to enable all actors regardless of their formal powers, to integrate their needs in final solutions.

“By working to reverse the policy cycle, giving leadership power to local actors. I will insist on partnering with local government and community organizations in any engagement with national governments.” – Italy

“By being conscious that we all have prejudices to find ways to overcome them step-by-step.” – Germany

Tomorrow I will expect the unexpected by keeping an open mind to new suggestions and be adaptable to fast-changing environments, and open to change.

“By visiting and engaging companies, consumers and organizations that are engaged in a circular economy to understand their problems and daily lives, BEFORE I myself have a clear idea of the direction of my work/initiative.” – Ireland

“By welcoming the unexpected and rapid changes as new opportunities by being transparent within our community and ecosystem, and to continuously learn from others.” – Denmark

Tomorrow I will take the problems and realities of the people affected by our future policies into serious consideration when designing them.

“By making real efforts to know and understand these problems from their point of view – in short: go out and talk to the people.” – Germany

“By using methodologies capable of representing and giving shape to emotions, concerns, and fears.”

Tomorrow I will communicate the power and value of co-creation and continuously include it in our workflow.

“By being more attentive not only to include co-creation into the execution of projects but their set-up and planning.” – Italy

“By questioning and changing the existing operational models and habits. Sharing benefits and reasons why to do so, to ease the resistance to change.” – France

Tomorrow I will question at least one work routine or a formalized process, redesign it, try it and learn from it.

“By proposing to have a reflection session with colleagues.” – England

“By shifting focus from end goals to the possible learnings from the process.” – Polen

Tomorrow I will engage with existing and new ecosystems when designing public services and new solutions across sectors and levels – from local to national to global.

“By doing thorough stakeholder mapping and context analysis, to make sure no one is left out of the process – especially when a new process/solution can make a direct impact on their life.”- Netherlands

“By expanding and systematizing our existing mapping of stakeholders, knowledge keepers and city capacities.” – Denmark

Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge, and start motivating your colleagues to do the same. Let’s be the change we need!