Workshop with policymakers: User-centered co-creation and co-design methods in healthcare

The online SISCODE workshop “User-centered design: co-creation and co-design in healthcare” took place on June 25th from 14.30 to 17.30. It was organised by the SISCODE partner APRE- Agency for Promotion of European Research, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Health.

Participants to the workshops were in total 10, belonging to the health policymaking sector (3) and to the sector of research hospitals, where cure is associated with research and innovation work in close contacts with patients.

The workshop focused on a joint experience of Polifactory (Maker lab within the Polytechnic University of Milan) and FightTheStroke (FTS), a social promotion association active in the field of children and perinatal stroke and of children cerebral palsy diagnosis. The two reality cooperated in the BodySound initiative, a co-design process that was illustrated in all its analytical co-design process during the event.

After the presentation, participants were divided into three breakout sessions, analyzing one of the issues related to their daily work through practicing the instruments of co-design explained earlier.

This exercise especially highlighted the explicit need and willingness of stakeholders, including policymakers, of acquiring more capacities in knowing, understanding and learning to master the methodologies of co-design, in order to perform or propose with more confidence co-design activities in their work. Signs are that times are ready for a paradigm change at all levels, and stakeholders are ready to test and try new approaches to their daily work.


List of conclusions emerging from break out sessions:  

1) Which value is created when we co-create policy-making with citizens?

In the creation of health and wellbeing solution, the early involvement of policymakers, as of the beginning of the process, was highlighted as essential for:


The involvement of policymakers is essential in other phases. At later stages, they are essential to widely disseminate and communicate to all sectorial associations that a given solution is available.


As to the point of view of policymakers regarding involving citizens in policy-making processes: one participant highlighted the necessity to involve stakeholders as of the early stages of reasoning about a measure, in order to test assumptions – either about technologies or policy measures. This will create solutions that will be directly usable both for principal stakeholders (E.g. patients) and for caregivers, or policymakers as well.


2) How can we engage citizens and co-create in all levels of policymaking?

What's new?

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