Current to New Perspectives

Reflect on the current perspectives and ideas exploring the possibilities to adopt new ones throughout the project


1.Single out the topics (principles, values, beliefs, teaching practices and strategies for learning processes) which are essential and need to be updated for the building of a novel pedagogical framework.
2. Based on the outcome from the Emergence phase, identify the most important trends for the building of a novel pedagogical framework. 3.For each of the above topics, describe the current approach or perspective.
4. According to what was learned by analysing and discussing the current trends for each of the topics, rewrite a different outcome for each one, according to what is necessary and what is possible. A simple matrix can be used to get a better overview of all the topics in question. 5.Discuss how the conclusions offer new insights on building a novel pedagogical framework.


Current to New Perspectives is a technique which questions existing teaching practices and strategies, examines the possibilities of new learning processes and analyses different values and beliefs about learning. This activity gives you insights to create several scenarios.