Expert Workshop

Conduct a workshop especially for experts in your project field(s) to dicuss your initial idea from different points of view


There are five actions to for the Expert Workshop:
1. Prepare the introductory statement and the moderation of the workshop according to the initial objectives of the project and select the members of the team who will participate in the workshop.
2.Invite experts according to the proposed objectives of the project and the expected outcome of the workshop.
3.Create a guide which includes all the topics for the moderation of the workshop (if you have an Inspiration Board, think about how to integrate it in the workshop).
4. Record the proceedings of the workshop, transcribe what has been said and analyse the proceedings and the material produced during the workshop with the project team.
5. Analyse and map the knowledge and the ideas which were generated during the workshop with all the members of the project team.


An Expert Workshop is a generative design research method to produce knowledge and develop ideas in the context of a particular project or topic. During this workshop, the initial ideas and expectations can be discussed.
The outcome of this activity is having a description of the values and beliefs of the educational institution, connected to emerging tendencies of learning and teaching.