Phase Definition Canvas

Divide your co-creation journey in different phases and define goals and outputs for each of them


“The Phases Canvas will help you understand and follow each design phase of your co-creation journey, making sense of the necessary inputs and outputs, how to best define the necessary activities for the accomplishment of each phase, and how to manage them. The Phase Canvas can be adapted to other processes. It helps you structure the set of activities you will do during one specific phase, defining the roles of each stakeholder in all phases.


This is a nice tool to use before starting the journey to ideate and anticipate about your future paths of co-creation. You can use it with your co-creation team and first stakeholders as a preliminary activity of planning. If you want to plan the activities in much more details, please visit the Activity Definition Canvas or equivalent. You can transform it into an original online format like MindMap.
This tool can also be used after your co-creation to synthesize what happened and structure the following steps. “


Kumar, V. (2012). 101 design methods: A structured approach for driving innovation in your organization. John Wiley & Sons.