Service Blueprint

Map your concept along a timeline to represent its functionalities and involved actors


The Service Blueprints is a key tool to represent what your users do and want and how the specific solution responds to these needs in detail. The tool is quite useful for planning or improving the delivery of a product or a service even in a preliminary stage as it demonstrates what is happening along the service line and who is doing what through what means.


Ask the rights questions: – What is the sequence of actions?
– What does the user see? And what does he not see?
– What is necessary to provide the product or service?
– Who are the other actors involved
– What is happening behind the front stage?
– How to start designing the organization with other
You can use it to map an existing service/system (understand, identify pain points, improve), Map a to-be-situation of a service/system (improve, re-design, check consequences of changes) or set up a new service/system (communicate ideas, plan, consider variety of factors)