Stakeholder Map

Create personas of your users or stakeholders to identify groups and their specific needs


“This map will help you to identify and map your stakeholders. It will help you understand who your partners are or might be and what role they play or could play in your ecosystem. It also allows you to visualise who you are targeting while co-creating.

During the ideation phase, stakeholder maps can make ideas concrete by starting to sketch a map of stakeholders that would be involved in the realization of the idea


Using this map at the beginning and at the end of your process helps you see the evolution and transformation of your ecosystems.
If you don’t feel comfortable with the categories proposed, adjust, complete it so it fits better your needs.
Customize with colors, legends.
Print in Poster or use Miro Boards to capture all the ideas.
You can complete this map with other online tools like

Make the persona as accurate as possible and hence as detailed and nuanced as can be.


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