Tips & Tricks for RRI

Use this series of cards during workshops and discussions in groups to elaborate on the different aspects of RRI and their relevance within your project


The series of 20 tips and tricks is not meant to provide clear instructions or a guide to co-creation, but rather to function as a trigger for discussions and open dialogue.
The cards can be flexibly used during meetings or activities, each card contains two possible actions:
The importance of the content for the present project and RRI in general is to be evaluated
What kind of thoughts, ideas or doubts does this card trigger in relation to the specific project and RRI in general


There are three activities that are recommended to maximise the potential of those triggers:
Use the single cards together with some guiding questions to discuss their relevance to the specific project
With the cards grouped according to the five main themes of RRI, you may discuss the relevance of each group and come up with potentially missing ones
How do you define RRI for your project and what characteristics need to be ensured?