Maker (Viadukten)

Viadukten is tomorrow’s prototype and pre-fabrication facility where traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern digital production technologies. It is a workshop community (fablab / makerspace) for physical entrepreneurs, designers and makers, where creativity, knowledge sharing and curiosity are at the center. Viadukten is founded and managed by the association Maker.

We help physical entrepreneurs to develop and scale their projects in a vibrant, creative and collective environment in the heart of Copenhagen, and facilitate meetings between makers, businesses and organizations, citizens and institutions. Viadukten is a creative platform where the creation of prototypes, products and innovation processes become the focal point for dialogue and development of solutions for local and urban production. It is a meeting place for people with different professional backgrounds and interests with an open source logic that explores and pushes the boundaries of urban local production in a global world.

Viadukten is located in the unique old workshop space underneath Langebro in the center of Copenhagen.



To exploit how to co-create better and more liveable cities through local production and digital prototyping in Copenhagen

Why this challenge?

Makers and designers in our local community in Copenhagen have a demand for locally sourced, recycled plastic materials to use in their productions and projects. During the prototyping of PIPO (Plastic-In Plastic-Out), we realized that having a small scale prototype of our plastic processing solution also generated a lot of interest from further micro-entrepreneurs and local designers, and PIPO has also turned into a knowledge-sharing platform and training facility for local stakeholders with a wish to become more circular.


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Maker (Viadukten)

Christians Brygge 31
1219 Copenhagen, Denmark

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