Traces cocreation journey @ TURFU festival on 18th of October 2019

Le Dôme in Caen is hosting its 4th annual festival dedicated to participative research, innovation and creativity, the TURFU festival.

Traces team will engage its participants in a workshop looking into ways of teaching an algorithms, and for what purpose.

In 2030, will Artificial Intelligences visit museums?

At a time when humans more and more rely on the analysis of data to make choices and pilot projects, what educational devices should be offered to algorithms to raise their awareness of societal issues? In an environment where our individual choices – our dress codes, our TV series, even our vote – are directly influenced by our online browsing; what play or exhibition should be designed to make Artificial Intelligences more cultivated?

The experience proposed by Traces team and the Espace des Sciences team Pierre Gilles de Gennes is an inversion of perspective, a form of provocation but really seeking to discuss / test / consider devices using Artificial Intelligences not as a subject or a tool, but as a target audience. It is part of a co-creation journey on raising awareness of the presence of automated decision systems using algorithms in many aspects of our lives, from our private sphere (choice of transport, purchases, partners) to the professional (help with medical diagnosis, human resources, justice).

This workshop is organized within the framework of the European project SiScode and the exhibition / exploration “the science of choice”, supported by the Île de France Region and PSL University, ESPCI Paris.

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