Theoretical Framework and Tools for understanding Co-Creation in Contexts

The current report summarizes the findings of SISCODE theoretical and empirical background research, that relies on an extensive literature review as well as the exploitation of recent scientific discourses on co-creation in Responsible Research &Innovation and policy making as well as on design for policy with the aim to prepare a pattern for further research to be carried out within SISCODE project.


Co-Creation in RRI Practices and STI Policies

Co-Creation in RRI Practices and STI Policies explores and connects Responsible Research and Innovation with current attempts to apply design knowledge in policy formation and implementation, which have been so far treated as separate streams of research and experimentation, with the twofold aim of providing a conceptual basis for the development of the SISCODE project, and a system of methods and tools for its experimental approach to co-creation.


RRI Research Landscape

This document looks into the place of co-creation in the RRI Research Landscape, identifying, recording and comparing previous and on-going EU (and national) framework initiatives and projects that have developed and tested relevant Responsible Research and Innovation approaches and methodologies.


SISCODE Visual Identity & Web Platform

The current document (Deliverable 7.2) reports on the development of SISCODE visual identity and web platform, from the definition of the needs and requirements to the final products.


Communication & Dissemination Strategy

Developed by the SISCODE Communication Team and authored by Ecsite, the Communication and Dissemination Strategy (Deliverable 7.1) outlines the dissemination and communication activities, the appropriate tools and channels and corresponding messages for each stakeholder category, at the European and local levels. Updated regularly, it reflects the evolving needs of the project, stakeholder feedback and what has been working and what needs to change.