Over the course of three years SISCODE partners worked on running a European wide study to compare co-creation ecosystems and understand its dynamics as well as the outcomes it generates. 10 co-creation labs were set up around Europe to support this research making real life experimentation a key aspect of it. Each of the labs undertook a co-creation journey to deliver working and sustainable solutions to local societal problems.

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The SISCODE pledge is the result of three years of extensive research and work achieved by all the project partners. This co-creation pledge aims at helping us all commit to transform research and innovation ecosystems and the policies connected to them producing more socially desirable outcomes. The idea is to encourage all to move from good intentions into actual actions.

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Interested in policy-making innovation?

SISCODE MOOC: Co-creation for policymakers - an introductory course

SISCODE MOOC presents an introductory course to the use of co-creation and design methodologies especially tailored to those working in the field of policy-making. The course is composed of 5 chapters delivered in 5 weeks that will guide participants through the main building blocks of this methodologies. Within each chapter, different experts in the field will walk participants through the specific aspects of the whole co-creation process cycle. Starting from the limitations of current policy-making practices and the need for innovation, user-centred methods and service design or prototypes the audience will be familiarised with a new (and better) way of creating policies.

Interested? You can register on the Polimi Open Knowledge Platform

SISCODE outcomes

The outcomes

SISCODE has produced high quality research outputs and well as toolkits and guidelines that are open access and available to all.

We started out by describing current approaches to co-creation and their ecosystems: examining over 130 cases, studying 40 practices in real depth and developing a series of innovation biographies to get a better understanding of the different approaches to involving society in science and innovation. The triangulation of this research created a clear picture of the dynamics that make co-creation ecosystems thrive.

This short video summarises our research and findings.

You can access all of  the SISCODE results and outcomes  here.