Bringing co-creation to the Science Gallery Network!



In July 2019, the Science Gallery Youth Symposium gathered young people from Dublin, London, Detroit, Melbourne, Rotterdam and Venice together in Science Gallery London to discuss challenges facing the Science Gallery Network and co-create solutions using science and art.

Using tools from the SISCODE project, members from Science Gallery Dublin led a session on workshopping potential new additions, directions, events (or whatever they could dream!) for the Science Gallery network. Who better to dream big for the future of Science Gallery than young people?

It was also a chance for the Education teams from the other nodes to find out about how they could use co-creation in their programmes, with the tools and methods being shared in a short training session beforehand.

It’s exciting to see how co-creation is now spreading within the Science Gallery network – we can’t wait to see what happens next!

“It became apparent to us that when working towards a common goal, a diverse set of approaches makes for a creative and robust solution. These solutions are not only more effective, but also provide ownership to those affected by them. Empowerment and amplifying our voices at the symposium made us feel that we were walking away with ideas, initiatives and feedback that could be contributed back to the Science Gallery!”

– Fiona McLoone and Simon Benson (Youth representatives from Science Gallery Dublin)

Written by Grace D’Arcy and Joanna Crispell

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