PA4ALL promoting precision agriculture in a high school specialized in agriculture in Serbia

In order to prototype the educational model designed by PA4ALL (BioSense Institute) a meteo station was installed today on a piece of land in Futog, the suburban area of Novi Sad, the city where PA4ALL (BioSense Institute) is located. The meteo station is now part of the agriculture equipment in the high school specialized in agriculture in Futog which enables the teachers and students to use precision agriculture tools themselves. Apart from installing the meteo station PA4ALL provided additional equipment such as laptops, video projectors, printer in order to help the school collect and manipulate with meteorological data from the meteo stations.  PA4ALL also provided credentials to this high school specialized in agriculture for the BioSense digital platform AgroSense, for the school to follow the data such as precipitation, air and soil temperature, humidity, wind etc. Finally, Vladan Minić, a researcher from PA4ALL explained to the teachers how to use AgroSense and demonstrated its benefits for agriculture production. The teachers and students showed deep interest in new technologies and in this educational model since they are aware of the necessity to improve the curriculum in schools by introducing precision agriculture as one of the subjects. They also understand that traditional agriculture production is a matter of the past and that precision agriculture is the future.


Isidora Stojačić – project manager of SISCODE and dissemination activities




Meteo station


AgroSense presentation

Video projector as part of the supporting equipment


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