The Co-Design Canvas: now available for download!

The outcome of Cube design lab’s co-creation journey is now available for download at the SISCODE website: an empathic co-design tool with societal impact, aimed to connect people and ideas, harness the power of collective knowledge and act together!

Co-design processes require dialogue, transparency and empathy.

The Co-Design Canvas can help facilitate these processes and create insight into why processes succeed or fail. It is a tool for initiating, planning, conducting and assessing collaborations around societal challenges with various stakeholders openly and transparently. It offers a means for policymakers, citizens, businesses, non-profit organisations, knowledge institutions and other stakeholders to communicate and collaborate clearly.

The canvas clarifies differences in interests, knowledge, experience and power relations, focuses on the desired positive impact and concrete results from the start, and ensures that everyone’s voice is truly heard. In short, it is a tool that makes the variables of a co-design process clear and open to discussion, creating a common language, a clear starting point and an understanding of each other’s role and responsibility.

Eight cards, one tool

The Co-Design Canvas can and should be used multiple times during different phases of the co-design process. It is a dynamic tool whose content is constantly changing. After all, a co-design project is an iterative and joint learning process. More specifically, the Co-Design Canvas identifies eight variables that influence a co-design process: the context, the purpose of change, the stakeholders, the results, the impact, and the co-design focus, setting, and activities. The canvas integrates these variables into eight interrelated co-design process cards.

Ready to join forces and co-design for societal impact?

Download the eight canvas cards including an instruction manual below. There is also a separate pdf-file that includes only the canvas cards, which can be printed (double-sided) on an ordinary printer in A4 size or bigger. Both files are available in English and Dutch.

The Co-Design Canvas Complete (English)

Manual + canvas cards

A4 printable canvas cards (English)

Printable version of the canvas cards in A4 size or bigger

Het Co-Design Canvas Compleet (Dutch)

Handleiding + canvaskaarten

A4 afdrukbare canvaskaarten (Dutch)

Afdrukbare versie van de canvaskaarten op A4-formaat of groter

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