Workshop: Making co-creation tangible – how to co-create policies

For the past 2 years and a half, SISCODE has built up an extensive knowledge of co-creation processes and expertise in their practical implementation through the work of our 10 co-creation labs. In an upcoming series of workshops, the project partners will share their experiences.

If you want to include co-creation activities in a workshop involving policymakers, don’t miss our next session on Tuesday 19 January, at 15.00 CET.

This session will start with a presentation of our Toolkit for Policy Workshops, a set of co-creation tools and methods co-designed within SISCODE.
The five different co-creation canvases for stakeholder engagement included in this toolkit can be used as co-creation tools preset with instructions and practical tips serving as guidelines for their use in different phases of a workshop.

The aim of this two-hour-long workshop is to look into the contents of the SISCODE Learning Hub and venture through the concept and canvases of the Toolkit for Policy Workshops using tutorials from the developers of the tools and hands-on activities to experiment with the tools in real-time.

Join us on Tuesday 19 January from 15:00 to 17:00 CET

The objectives of the workshops are:


  1. Welcome and introduction | 5 min
  2. SISCODE Learning Hub and Toolkit for policy workshops| 15 min
  3. Tutorial on the use of policy workshop tools | 20 min
  4. Hands-on activity to experiment with the workshop tools | 45 min
  5. Round-table discussion | 30 min
  6. Feedback and closure | 5 min

For any additional information, please contact us at and

The workshop will be co-facilitated and moderated by SISCODE partners and co-creation labs: Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI) from Portugal, Cube/Continuum (CUBE) from The Netherlands, Dansk Design Center (DDC) from Denmark, Biosense Institute (Biosense) from Serbia and Politecnico di Milano (Polifactory) from Italy.

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