CoRRI Forum – Sustainability workshop

Join us on Wednesday 3 March to discuss how CoRRI can help you in your daily work!

In order to assure the sustainability of the service provided by the CoRRI, we would like to invite you to this collaborative workshop where you will be able to express your needs and expectations.

Let us know which kind of resources you would need, how you would prefer to access these resources and how you could benefit from joint or collaborative activities under CoRRI!

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The CoRRI forum in a nutshell

The CoRRI Forum (CoRRI) is an approach to creating a community of practice with the intent of exchanging expertise, knowledge and ideas revolving around co-creation in RRI among diverse practitioners that share a common interest and goal. Through its activities, CoRRI intends to reach out to key target stakeholders involved in the SISCODE projects and external audiences that harbour interest in pollination of RRI and co-creation in public engagement processes. CoRRI was designed through desk and action research and implemented through a series of hands-on activities to examine the stakeholders interest in such an initiative and refine its structure to meet the requirements of its
end-users. CoRRI aims to serve all members of the co-creation ecosystem as beneficiaries of its activities as well as contributors to its outreach.

Workshop Agenda

The workshop will have three core aspects: presentation of CoRRI initiative, assessment of the end-users needs and expectations, and evaluation of how to best apply existing resources to the needs. The workshop will be co-facilitated by multiple partners of the SISCODE project. The participants will use an online interactive tool called Miro to brainstorm and share ideas and experiences in real-time.

  1. Welcome and introduction to organisers| 5 min
  2. Concept background and vision of CoRRI | 15 min
  3. Assessment of the factors affecting sustainability of CoRRI | 50 min
  4. Open discussion on the needs of end-users and approaches to sustain CoRRI | 45 min
  5. Next steps and closure | 5 min

Registration for all the workshops is free but compulsory. The deadline for the registration is 2nd of March 2021, 23:59 CET. We kindly ask registered participants to inform us timely via email in case of unforessen absenteeism.
Registration link:

What's new?

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