Call for video editing company – Final video

SISCODE is slowly getting to its end, and we are looking for a company (individual consultant or a company) to work with us in producing our final video.

This video will be a part of the project’s legacy and will convey our learnings and share our experiences, and will be used as a communication tool to invite the public to explore our other products (our learning hub for policymakers, our MOOC), even after our project’s end. The video will address the theoretical analysis that our partners conducted and its findings, but also on the practical experience that our co-creation labs built throughout their co-creation journey.

All information can be found in this document.

We seek a company that can provide:

The budget set for this output of the project is max EUR 5,000, all taxes included.

Please send a single document, considering the criteria set out below, including:

Please send the proposal to with the subject: “SISCODE Final Video” by 25 March 23:59 CET.

Proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. Price efficiency and effectiveness
  2. Demonstrated track record of working with similar projects and/or formats
  3. Excellent understanding and creative interpretation of the project
  4. Clear and well-defined working process

Only completed proposals will be assessed.

For additional information please write to

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