SISCODE @ ISPIM Innovation Conference 2021

Over the past three years, SISCODE has been working alongside two other H2020 funded projects that are also looking at co-creation: SCALINGS and LIV:IN. As all three projects are coming to an end, we will come together in a panel session at the ISPIM Innovation Conference on June 23rd to share their learnings and to generate a discussion about specific elements of co-creation generated from their distinct empirical material, while identifying the continuing challenges and opportunities seen in this powerful concept. The conference will be held online. Participation in the co-creation session is free.

Co-creation has become a powerful concept in innovation practice and policy that is used to describe a new mode of engaging diverse stakeholders to ideate, design and/or produce something innovative together that benefits all. Co-creation comprises various methodologies and tools for collaboration that range from human-centered and value-sensitive design to platforms and living labs that share a common principle of broadening contributions to innovation. Recognizing the importance of co-creation in enhancing public engagement, participatory democracy and inclusive innovation, the European Commission has been particularly interested in better understanding of co-creation processes and outcomes in different settings and from various perspectives.

This session is part of ISPIM Innovation Conference: Innovating Our Common Future. If you’d like to attend the whole conference, you can register here.

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