Citizens initiatives to get through confinement

With more than 3 billion of people confined in the world, our daily lives and activities have been quite disrupted by this new way of living. Once again, this does not stop innovators and co-creators to find creative solutions to what are now our new daily problems.

In Italy, newly graduates have launched Filaindiana, a platform where users’ inputs can help estimate the waiting times in the supermarket queues, to help elderly people choosing when and where to go.

In Spain, a whole network of citizen self-help has been developed, called “Frena La Curva” with the aim to showcase and coordinate all the social and local initiatives and informal self-help groups. Similar initiatives have also emerged in other countries with different groups on social media that gather people willing to help their neighbours by checking on the seniors or babysitting their children. For example, Visible hands in Poland.


But this crisis also affects the professional fields, and especially organisations that had a direct link with the public.

In the UK, the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement organises an online get-together every Thursday to discuss their reactions to the current context, problem solve, and explore how they can support one another.

Enoll, the European Network of Living Lab, organises a series of Webinars for their members, tackling different topics that are impacted by the COVID.


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