Co-creation in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI): Lessons learnt

The European Commission has identified co-creation as an important part of RRI and although it is not one of the 6 thematic elements it looks like it will be crucial in the next framework programme of Horizon Europe. What has become apparent is that across projects and policies the concept of co-creation raises high expectations.

University College London’s team members Melanie Smallman and Trupti Patel have examined how co-creation has been understood and operationalised in EU funded projects and policies. The many lessons learnt are summarised in the RRI research landscape report and have helped us inform the next stages of the SISCODE project and we thought that they will be of great use for the rest of the community.

In a nutshell, what have they found?

Taking into consideration the momentum these methodologies are gaining and their expected impact in future research programmes, we would recommend the reader to have a look at the complete research results here.

What's new?

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