SISCODE at Open Living Lab Days conference

On the 23rd of August (2018) the three SISCODE Living Labs: KTP, PA4ALL and Thess-Ahall joined forces with the European Network of Living Labs in exploring the co-creation phenomena through Lego Serious Play. The Open Living Lab Days conference invites annually the community of 400+ historically recognized Living Labs and friends to come together in a 3-day conference – this year held in Geneva, Switzerland.

The two-part workshop on “How to Living Lab” and “Why Living Labbing” invited participants to answer questions on their favorite co-creation activities, lessons learnt, challenges faced and achievements reached by creating 3D prints of their thoughts through Lego models. We had some serious fun, but also arrived to some very insightful outcomes. Curious? A debrief report on the outcomes of the workshop can be found here!

Don’t worry if you missed the event this year – the next one, OLLD19 is coming up, hosted by SISCODE co-creation lab Thess-Ahall in Thessaloniki, Greece! Join us on 3-5 September for OLLD19, themed “Co-creating Innovation – from Local to Global”

Still curious? You can find more details about the workshops “How to Living Lab” and “Why Living Labbing” workshops at the OLLD18 conference here.


Image courtesy of @AktanInnovation 

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