SISCODE @ the Social Innovation and Socio-Digital Transformation conference

What role can co-creation play in policy-making and in technology development? This question will be discussed in a session organized by SISCODE at the global research conference on “Social Innovation and Socio-Digital Transformation – Towards a Comprehensive Innovation Policy” which will take place in Dortmund on October 28/29.

The session will discuss the latest research findings on co-creation in policy-making and technological innovation as well as industrial domains such as robotics, urban energy and autonomous driving. Representatives of three ongoing international research projects will share and discuss empirical insights: Kyriaki Papageorgiou (ESADE Business School) will present first results of the SCALINGS project with its focus on local, social, cultural and institutional contexts of technological innovation while Alessandro Deserti (Politecnico di Milano) will share insights of SISCODE and the use of co-creation methodologies in policy design. Both initiatives are funded by the “Science with and for Society” programme of the European Union. Their perspectives will be complemented by André Martinuzzi (Institute for Managing Sustainability, WU Vienna) who will talk about the LIV.IN project and its ambition to co-create more responsible approaches to innovation in the areas of smart homes and smart health. Session participants will discuss favourable conditions that support the introduction and scalability of co-creation. The session will be chaired by Francesca Rizzo (Politecnico di Milano) and Christoph Kaletka (TU Dortmund University).

“Social Innovation and Digital/Societal Transformation” is a social innovation key event in 2019, planned and designed by the “European School of Social Innovation” (ESSI) in cooperation with TU Dortmund University (Social Research Centre sfs) and the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Representatives of scientific concepts, policy approaches and outstanding initiatives of social innovation will join. The conference will bring together the leading experts in social innovation research. Questions to be discussed will include the role of social innovation in societal and digital transformation, the state-of-the-art of conceptualizing and doing social innovation on a global scale, and international comparison of social innovation practices, policies, and research.

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