SISCODE’s first results are out: Co-creation in Responsible Research and Innovation

The governance of science and innovation is a growing concern for our democracies. One of the key questions is who should be the legitimate actor making decisions around which innovation should be developed and rolled out. And as a response, two major policy-making trends are emerging. The first is the growing influence of RRI, which puts emphasis on broad public engagement in policymaking, moving from “traditional” forms of consultation towards co-creation as a way of more deeply involving society in contributing and directing policies. The second one concerns the attempts to include design knowledge in policy formation and implementation, which has a view in creating policies more open to participation, experimentation, as well as being more responsive to the local contexts.

Our research teams have produced an important piece of research around these topics. They have divided it into 5 different areas: 1) ideal versus real policymaking, 2) the concept of co-creation applied to policy-making 3) specificities of co-creation in STI policy-making, 4) introduction of design approaches, and 5) an analysis of the notion of co-creation within RRI.

The research has yielded a number of results that cannot be summarised in a single news piece, but to give you a taste of the results here are the main findings:

The full research can be found here.

What's new?

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