A synergy soup to identify community needs and resources

Synergy + Soup to initiate El Barri Circular pilot.

On April 30, El Barri Circular (SISCODE) held the Synergy Soup event. The event consisted of a co-creation activity to identify project proposals which aimed to improve the sustainability of the food system. The workshop also developed new synergies between actors in the neighbourhood of Poblenou. The activities in the workshop consisted of (1) a presentation of the El Barri Circular project; (2) the mapping exercise (using recycled cardboard and printed materials); (3) an ice-breaker exercise in which participants had the opportunity to introduce themselves whilst selecting vegetables to integrate into the ‘collective’ soup and (4) the co-creation activity in which three groups discussed the needs for the community of Poblenou. The soup was made with ingredients collected from the local area by the organisers. The exercise was inspired by the approaches of synergy mapping, industrial symbiosis and systemic design tools for circular regions. The event closed with the sharing of the soup and presentation of the ideas, which were then mapped by the team.

The Synergy Soup event identified 58 needs, 36 resources and 31 project ideas. After the event results were categorised via a matrix which identified the need for El Barri Circular to focus on the innovation of food cycles.

See the video of the event here.

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