Using local historic places as place to ideate and make sense

Fab Lab Barcelona held two fascinating workshops in two historic places of the district: The Ateneu de la Flor de Maig and The Palo Alto foundation.

28th May: Haz Comunidad! The community ideation workshop took place at “El Ateneu de la Flor de Maig” in which five concepts were challenged through three redesigned tools: (1) 6Ws to define an ideal solution to each concept and negotiate different ideologies, (2) Value opportunity mapping challenging how to reach the solution and identify needs and opportunities in terms of materials, tools, resources and skills, (3) Idea cards.

18th June: A session on eco-design and scenario building with three stakeholders (Taca d’Oli, Fab Textiles, Urbonera). The scenario proposed focussed on: logistics, time banks and education. The event took place in Palo Alto during a local event themed on the circular economy.

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