Engaging Poblenou’s Makerspaces with a session from MaCUS Cooperative

Public makerspaces, traditional fab labs and new maker cooperatives are all nestled within the Barcelona district and can be seen as different nodes of creation and fabrication.

MaCUS is a ‘laboratory of ideas’ in which traditional machines and new technologies interact – the intersection of traditional “artisans” and “artisans2.0”.

Daniel Florin hosted a workshop with the SISCODE pilot, Daniel is a maker of things and an active member of the RESTART project. The workshop consisted of learning the basics of digital manufacturing – the session introduced the participants to digital fabrication, how to use 3D printing and the CNC.

The workshop was a rich experience in learning the basics of digital fabrication, however, participants also grasped the complexity of the process. The workshop also demonstrated how to make your own digital fabrication tools – Daniel is currently building his own 3D printing machines and open CAO models.

It will take time to re-appropriate methods and modes of production – the workshop reflected how we are very far, but also very close to finding autonomy with technologies.

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