Kick-off workshops takes place in Co-Creation Labs

Throughout December 2018 and January 2019, kick-off workshops will take place at SISCODE co-creation labs around Europe. These internal events launch the first phase of the co-creation labs journey, in which each lab will design and plans its co-creation journey.

During the design of the co-creation journeys, co-creation labs will mobilize the local network of actors that can collaborate to develop a solution to the individualised challenge: citizens, users, internal and external stakeholders and institutional actors. Afterwards, this constellation of actors and stakeholders will work together to design the specific pilots’ innovation journeys depending on the following: the challenge on which the pilots work and the barriers, opportunities and constraints at work in the pilots’ internal and external contexts; the network of stakeholders already available; the end users/citizens affected by the challenge; and the policy makers interested in the challenge.

This initial phase will ultimately develop an in-depth understanding of the challenge and of the problem faced together with all the actors and stakeholders involved, from citizens to policy makers.

Workshops preliminary schedule:


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