Transparent communication

The second workshop of the CoRRI Forum’s second cycle of workshops discussed transparent communication among co-creation practitioners and stakeholders

The workshop was facilitated by three of the SISCODE co-creation labs – Polifactory (Italy), Science Gallery Dublin (Ireland) and Krakow Technology Park (Poland) and moderated by two SISCODE partners – Politecnico di Milano from Italy and Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação from Portugal.

This online workshop has been a platform for co-creation practitioners from various fields to discuss challenges and exchange experiences and lessons-learned about transparent communication and the creation of a ‘safe room’ for participants in co-creation.

The workshop reached a total of five international participants from governmental institutions, universities and social innovation and support institutions.

The workshop began with a simple introduction to the SISCODE H2020 project and two of its outputs, the SISCODE co-creation journey toolbox, and the CoRRI Forum.

This was followed by the presentation from Polifactory looking at how ‘safe room’ is defined by different stakeholders and the careful approach to transparency and open communication taken when working with vulnerable users and delicate topics.

Then, Krakow Technology Park looked at the different levels of stakeholder engagement involved in co-creation processes, the need for a common understanding of the process challenges and process as well as keeping the balance between expectations and involvement in co-creation.

Finally, Science Gallery Dublin looked at free and open communication through the development of common grounds and raising the level of understanding between practitioners of co-creation and their target stakeholders.

Presentation of the SISCODE Lab: Polyfactory

After each presentation, the floor was opened for Q&A. Questions asked by participants have been written down for further evaluation during the open discussion session.

Notes from the presentation of the labs

After the labs presentations, participants moved to the open discussion session in which a set of questions were presented to guide the discussion.


Open Discussion session – guiding questions

The rich and interesting conversation between the moderators, SISCODE labs and participants revealed many challenges experienced by practitioners: how to make stakeholders welcomed and understood in the co-creation processes;  how to maintain control on how the stakeholders communicate and treat each other; how to create empathy among stakeholders towards each other. This discussion brought about a set of best practices and insights based on the experiences of the workshop participants. Some of them are:

Our list of best practices

Next steps for CoRRI Network

The third workshop of the CoRRI Forum will launch on 04 November 2020 at 15:00. Registration is now open and free. Come and share with us your experiences on engaging policymakers and creating reliable feedback loops, and learn how others have managed to accomplish it. Contact: For more information and feedback, please contact us at;

What's new?

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