What topics would you like to be covered by the next cycle of CoRRI workshops?

Developed within the SISCODE project, the CoRRI Network is a forum that ambitions to guarantee the sustainability of the project outcomes as well as promote a wider application of RRI in co-creation activities for all practitioners, co-creation labs and others. CoRRI will warrant the continuity of the work and solutions of the SISCODE co-creation labs through the formation of synergies among the SISCODE Networks (ECSITE, ENoLL and FAB LAB Network).

After the first cycle of joint activities conducted in July, we are now opening a survey in order to hear your expectations and wishes for the next steps and upcoming activities.

Please let us know by filling out this form by 20 September 2020, 23:59 CEST.

More about the CoRRI activities:

MISSION: CoRRI envisions the establishment of a forum for the sharing of information and expertise among co-creation labs of the SISCODE project and external labs after the SISCODE project concludes. The forum will serve as a platform for all interested practitioners who want to openly share and transfer knowledge, experience, objectives, resource and ideas on Public Engagement in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) practice and policymaking and propel RRI towards a practice-based approach. The CoRRI Network forum has two goals: i) promote the connection between Public Engagement and co-creation and ii) provide guidance for the implementation of RRI in EU projects and policies.

VISION: Further planning of CoRRI’s activities will also include strategies to scaling deep SISCODE’s approach, values and use of co-creation to implement RRI (Responsible Research Innovation) research practice in policymaking. In the coming months and before the conclusion of SISCODE, CoRRI will launch a series of activities in the form of workshops and online co-creation activities in a collaboration with SISCODE partners, especially the co-creation labs. The key idea about the following activities is to present co-creation journeys as the long-term participatory processes of citizen and public engagement and pathways of embedding co-creation in practice and policymaking of a wide range of topics/societal challenges.

UP UNTIL NOW:  CoRRI Network has concluded its First Cycle of Joint Activities in which it promoted the SISCODE toolbox and its appropriation to online co-creation activities. It took place in the form of four sequential online workshops that engaged multiple stakeholders from the SISCODE co-creation labs and the publics. All the activities were conducted following the SISCODE co-creation journey model with diverse practitioners located all around the world. If you’re interested, read more about the four workshops:

NEXT STEPS: In the immediately following activities of CoRRI, the specific objectives and topics will be defined by the needs and expectations of the target audiences, that include the publics and SISCODE partners. Therefore, we have developed an Assessment Form (see link below) for all interested parties from the public with little to well-formed knowledge of co-creation journeys and RRI research practice and policymaking to share with us the challenges that interest them. The aim is  to help us understand the needs and interests of CoRRI’s current and potential target audiences. Based on your feedback, the CoRRI team will develop CoRRI’s future activities. These activities of the CoRRI Network are foreseen to take place online between the second half of October and early November 2020.

Link to the form: https://forms.gle/Qfftbq97qRZBMCwR6

Note: This form and the derived activities from this assessment will be open to anyone interested to join.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have doubts: olgaglumac@spi.pt and tedoraaibu@spi.pt

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