BODYSOUND Experimentation Lab: music and movement with littleBits

Polifactory, in collaboration with FightTheStroke, has been selected to participate in the Meet and Code days, on the occasion of the EU Code Week scheduled from 5 to 20 October 2019.

BODYSOUND’ Experimentation Lab was developed around the theme ‘Technology and Inclusive Music” and it was hosted by Facebook in their Milanese headquarter.

Children played three main roles:

  1. Deejays: in pairs, they could interact with knobs, levers, rudders designed in connection with the synth version of littleBits. They activated the interfaces with both hands, interacting with two notes simultaneously to generate the most varied consonances and dissonances.
  2. Choreographers: in pairs, they could choose among different simple movements to guide the “dance” of the other children.
  3. Dancers: the rest of the children executed simple movements guided by the two choreographers and on the notes produced by the two deejays.

About 20 children participated in the Lab and the group was equally composed both by children affected by cerebral palsy and children who did not. All the children enthusiastically participated in all the proposed activities.

What's new?

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